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Interior and exterior applications of 3D panels

Our panels are cast from a variety of materials depending on application.  Concrete panels are suitable for exterior or wet areas (used on our Fire Pit designs) and are used indoors as well.  Acrylic fiber reinforced concrete and GFRC can range in color from white, cement gray and many pigmented colors.  Concrete panels can be made seamless in certain designs or will have minimal seams in other patterns.

Plaster panels are for interior use only and are reinforced with glass fibers.   Plaster panel compositions can be made seamless.  Plaster is primed and painted to any color.

About Us

Highest Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

We use the highest quality materials to fabricate our panels used in our 3D Fire Pit Designs and 3D Wall claddings and products.  Our company  provides guidance on design and help finding technical solutions for installations.

We Work with Designers and Owners

We work with designers to achieve their vision or work directly with owners to design an exciting 3D wall panel composition.

We also create 3D fire pits made to order and are shipped free in the U.S. 

In addition, we build any size, one of a kind Fire Pits on site for your custom project. 

Our 3D wall panels clad the exterior of any  wall surface to transform an unused, boring expanse of wall surface and create an exciting design and focal point of any living space.

Our team fabricates each 3D panel from the highest quality materials available and follows through with this same high quality in our skilled installation.

Love of Art and Construction

 Our design story began 20 years ago while working for an artist in southern Arizona who creates original architectural facades in GFRC.  His work was the inspiration behind Built Werks. 

We have have nearly two decades of experience in the construction field including a continuing interest in art, sculpture and design.  The walls and products we build are works of art, built for your project.  This idea has created the name of our company, Built Werks.

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